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Georgian architecture was given to certain styles of homes built between 1720 and 1840 and even today we can admire its classic design and grand presence. This Georgian home was built by Stephen Fuller Designs and it’s truly a showpiece. I especially love how cozy and welcoming every room seems to be. I certainly can imagine a family happily living here.

This is the kind of house that convinces you to admire Georgian architecture, even if you aren’t a big fan of it. Take a look and tell me what you think.


The New Georgian Architecture

Outstanding architectural details.

Be Welcomed

Charming! Notice the savage bricks and the plants on the steps.

Living Room

Gorgeous living room! I especially love the built-ins and the mirrors above the fireplace.

Dining Room

Who wouldn’t love to have dinner in this dining room? Pure elegance.


This is a very inspiring kitchen. I love the fact this is not a huge space.


Notice the arched nook and the shelving on the sides.

White Marble

White marble will always be a timeless choice.

Family Room

The family feels open, yet inviting. Colors: the trim is painted 6385 “Dover White” by Sherwin Williams, and the wall color is a variation of “Softer Tan”.


The perfect place to relax and read a book.


I love this chest with the marble. It’s a really beautiful piece.

Master Bedroom

I love every detail in this master bedroom, including the color. The colors was a custom mixed, that is very similar to 254 Blue Phlox by Pitsburgh Paints.


This is probably one of my favorite sitting area. I love the arched wall and paneling, and also, the fact it feels a little separated from the master.

Size Matters

The sitting room is approximately 10′-6″ x 16′-0″, and the bedroom is 13′-0″ x 16′-0″.

Sitting Area

A better look of the sitting area.

Master Bathroom

The cabinets are strategically anchored and the placement of the bath in the middle creates some drama in this chic bathroom.

Kids Bedroom

Great colors and design.


You’ll find plenty of storage in the built-in. Perfect to get everything organized at the end of the day.

Guest Apartment

Isn’t it the ideal place for the in-laws?


This patio was part of a whole-house renovation. The brick used on the floor was actually reclaimed from the original exterior of the 1930s house. Antique and re-claimed bricks are not terribly difficult to locate today, and using them in creative ways, like this herringbone pattern, can really add a great deal of character to a space.


The bricks were also brought to this sunny patio.



This is the kind of house you want to look over and over again, and pay attention to the architectural details implanted here.

I hope have enjoyed it!

I also would love to thank you for being so loyal to my blog and keep coming back to see my posts.

I feel a very deep gratitude for knowing that you’re here.

Thank you so much for that!

Have a great day, my friends.


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Sources: Stephen Fuller Designs via Houzz

5 Comments to 'Georgian Architecture'

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  1. I have always loved Stephen Fuller’s designs. I think he is brilliant! This home is breathtaking! I love all the beautiful windows and the staircase in the kitchen in awesome! Hope all is well girl! xoxo

  2. designchic said,

    One of my favorite styles of architecture – love the kitchen and the windows are amazing!

  3. I love this home. While it seems formal it’s also very warm and seems comfortable to live in.

  4. Gorgeous! Am a big fan of classic Georgians and this home is just fabulous!!!

  5. Jeanene said,

    I adore this house! It’s just about perfect.

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