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I hope you have some time to truly enjoy this post I prepared for you today. This is the ideal post if you’re looking for inspiration because it’s filled with great spaces that I believe you’ll like. All of  these gorgeous homes and interiors were built by Country Club Homes, a building company from New Canaan, Connecticut. As soon as I visited their website I saw they’re weren’t joking around, they’re really good and their attention to detail is evident throughout these homes.

Take a look and enjoy. This post was really a pleasure to make for you!

Let’s Take It Outdoors: Beautiful Homes From Outside.

Dream home for a perfect life.


Green grass and a beautiful white home.

From Afar

This is the kind of house that takes my breath away!


And this is the kind of porch that would make me not care about bugs. Ok, maybe…

Sweet Street

Beautiful home and grounds.

Around the House



I’d love to be here on a hot day.

Call Everyone

It’s party time!

Pool House 

A dreamy backyard and pool house.

Ready to Come Inside? Let’s start with the kitchens!

If You Wish

I’m wishing this kitchen right now!

Mama Mia!

This one gets an applause for creativity!


Look what we can do with spaces we can afford! Great usage of space.

Kitchen Sweet Kitchen

I’m loving the light gray island and the light fixtures.

Light Charm

This kitchen feels so right for me. It feels like home.


This is such a happy and sweet kitchen. The fabric on the stool makes it feel feminine.


Adding charm.


So lovely!

Cooking Shows

Do you like watching TV while cooking?

Cities Of The World

Great Destinations.


An explosion of color, country and fun!

Hello, Lovely!

Sweet like wild honey!

All Here

I can see kids running around this kitchen. It feels like a family home.

All Around the Table: Food is Served. Let’s take a look at some Eating Areas and Dining Rooms.

Yummy, Mommy!

Ok, I want this, just as it is!

White & Blue

White & Blue dining rooms are extremely sophisticated.

Real Home

This is just so sweet and that fireplace is ideal.

Let’s All Be Together! Living Rooms and Family Rooms:


Classic, not boring.

We’re Here

Simple yet beautiful. Love the Louis Vuitton tray.

One Side

This is a big “yes” to me!

The Other Side

Just perfect!

Guys’ Chair

A leather club chair always adds some masculinity to any room.


I’m in love with this space and that wallpaper. Isn’t it beautiful?

Foyers: Are you welcoming or scaring your guests?


Traditionally stunning.

Show & Tell

Very personal and elegant.

Come Home!

I want this one.

Leave your mud outside! Lovely mud rooms and a laundry room.

You & Me

This is just a perfect, well organized mud room. I love built-ins with doors. I like “hiding” all the stuff. I’m not a big fan of seeing everything just hung. I know, I’m picky! 🙂

Throw the Bricks!

Oh, this brick floor. Whoa!

Sweet Friend

Aww… for the foyer and for the puppy.

Dream Laundry Room

Five hampers of laundry? (My reality). No problem, dear husband! Just give me this laundry and I won’t complain anymore!

Little Girls and Boys Rooms. Enjoy decorating it. They grow up fast!

Little Sweet Girl

Tiny room with an immense imagination.

Perfect For Us

My boys will have to share their bedroom, unless we sell this house. This is a great inspiration for me. Do you like it?

I want to thank you each and every one of you that come to HomeBunch every single day. I noticed so many new readers, our blog (because it’s not only mine, it’s ours) keeps growing so much and I truly want to thank you for being so loyal to the site. It’s truly a gift having you here and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Have a very blessed week and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our “Cottage of the Week”. I’m in love with this week’s cottage.


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source:  Country Club Homes.

30 Comments to 'Inspiring Homes & Interiors'

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  1. Love the home with the waterfall. I liked the design. I also liked the room with the orange sofa. I would love to have an orange sofa with a soft fabric. Have a fantastic week!

  2. kathysue said,

    Gorgeous, gorgeous homes. I loved the architecture of all of them. REally a beautiful line-up, thank you for gathering all this loveliness in one post for us to see, Kathysue

  3. Linda in AZ * said,

    *** You OUTDID yourself, m’ friend! What a supremely DELICIOUS posting… sooooo many beautiful things to see n’ enjoy!!!

    I KNOW that had to take a TON of time to assemble everything (and so COHESIVELY, too!), but I can tell you for sure EVERYONE who sees n’ reads this, will APPRECIATE it!!!

    Big hugs n’ MANNNY THANKS! It was sooooo FUN!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  4. Oh, Linda!

    Thank you so much for your super sweet comment! I was until late working on this post, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved everything I saw! 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. So many beautiful ideas here! I loved the mudroom ideas and the exteriors especially!

  6. maria rushton said,

    I agree with everything Linda in AZ says – this post was a chocolate box of goodies – even the kitchen with the red ceiling was adorable! Well done Luciane!

  7. Luciane..you knocked this one out of the park!! Just fabulous in every way, not a bad one among the bunch! Just beautiful and as you said so incredibly inspirational!! Thanks….

  8. Laura said,

    Absolutely stunning! The first mudroom is perfect! The kitchens are so beautiful. The exteriors are what dreams are made of. Thanks for the eye candy this morning!!! 🙂

  9. bom dia, querida (aqui são 10hs da manhã) tudo bem com você? Eu também lhe desejo uma semana abençoada e repleta de coisas boas!!

    Lu, sabes que aqui no Brasil, não temos casas assim, né? pelo menos, isso não é comum, então, quando vejo tanto espaço, tanta beleza, tanta luminosidade, chego até a desejar morar fora hehehe beijinhos minha linda

  10. Luciane…my favorite post of yours to date! LOVED it. Those homes look like a movie set, they are that perfect.
    I’m stealing some of your kitchens for my personal pic file.
    Hugs my friend.

  11. Hey Luciane! How are you? I love all of these houses. I especially love the blue dining room, even thought I’m going to keep mine yellow. 🙂

  12. Wow! These homes are just incredible! The home builders really know what they’re doing. I think I like the architecture of the second home best. Each room is decorated beautifully. It’s really hard to pick a favorite kitchen because they are all pretty great. I really like the one with the stone around the stove area, but I also like the warm feel of the country-style kitchen. I don’t think I would mind doing the laundry as much either if I had that laundry room! You outdid yourself on this one Luciane! Love this post!

  13. wow. that is a whole bunch of lovely in one post!! i think i’m most in love with that cozy banquette eating area with the white and blue. so intimate and would feel like restaurant dining right at home.

    hope you are feeling well and so happy to hear your blog is growing along with you!


  14. Timothy said,

    My favorites are “One Side” and “The Other Side” – looks very relaxing

  15. designchic said,

    Oh my gosh, so many beautiful images here. Adore the first house…charming and lovely. Loving the first kitchen, and the last two bedroom images…fabulous!!

  16. Stacy said,

    Luciane….one of my favorite posts ever! This is Fabulous!! Thanks for putting this together

  17. Holy cow! What a gorgeous post. SO many lovely and wonderful homes. Wow!

  18. Hhhhh, so beautiful…

  19. mydeco said,

    Great pictures, inspired me to create a mood board for my own kitchen and then create a 3D verison of the room before I buy anything on mydeco.com thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Della said,

    These really ARE inspiring. So many cool ideas– in the picture you titled “Classic”, I just love the alcove “frame” around the fireplace, with bench seats and bookshelves. In the one entitled “Around the House” – I’ve had a dream houseplan waiting until I can afford to build it, but it doesn’t have a sitting room for the master bedroom (which is upstairs). What a perfect solution – build the patio with a structural roof out from that corner, with a sitting room on top!

  21. Nick said,

    What do the flags represent on the mud room doors, I wonder. They are probably countries but I don’t recognize them… ?

  22. One image is more stunning than the next. I am drooling over those exteriors with the front porches. I would never leave. I love love love this post!

  23. Marie said,

    Every one of these rooms is oozing beautiful moldings. Trying to show my husband how much beadboard and moldings do to make a gorgeous room. We are in the process of a building a new extension (DIY) and love all of these ideas.

  24. Abby said,

    Could you tell me what kind of brick flooring is in photo #38. Thanks!!

  25. Nancy Earley said,

    Hi. Just love the front door in the picture that says ‘Oh, this brick floor. Whoa!” Do you know the manufacture?


  26. Loretta Campbell said,

    Luciane, can you tell me the paint color on the you & me photo of the mudroom with the paneled doors? I’m looking for a color for my kitchen cabinets and this might be it!
    Thanks for your help!

  27. Nancy Earley said,

    WOW is all I can say! This whole site looks EXACTLY LIKE ME–only…with money. This is EXACTLY how I would spend my OODLES if I had them!!! -Nancy Earley, Earley Design, Andover, MA

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