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As mundane as it sounds, home cleaning is a task that requires smart planning and execution. We all know the tips and tricks floating around about cleaning at the right time and distributing the home cleaning workload, but for 2015 you should resolve to go beyond that.

This year, your home needs extra attention so that you use the healthiest and most natural options to clean it. Read on for some home cleaning dos and dont’s that will help you maintain a cleaner space more efficiently.


Dos of Home Cleaning


Use Disinfectant, but Moderately

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Disinfecting chemicals can be harmful for health, but cutting out on them completely can pose some serious health threats as well. The key is to go easy on the disinfectant by adding some water for dilution. When used daily, your surfaces will be germ free with little use of chemical.

Go For Healthier Carpet Cleaning

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Conventional cleaning techniques can leave unhealthy, sticky residues in carpets, which might irritate your kids or pets. You may want to consider carpet cleaning services that use oxygenated cleaning technology to scrub stains and dirt out of the carpet. This ensures your carpets are clean and have no harmful deposits in them. Compared to traditional methods of carpet cleaning, such solutions help in reducing the risk of respiratory issues caused by dirty carpets to a very minimum.

Clean What You Clean With

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You cannot say that you have mopped your floor if the mop was not clean. Make it a daily duty to clean and disinfect the mopping buckets, mops, and dusting cloths. This is better than disinfecting directly on the surfaces.

Refreshing Scents

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There’s nothing like the smell of a clean, cozy home. Choose cleaners and disinfectants with pleasing, homely scents rather than using aerosol air fresheners and home fragrance dispensers. It’s better if the surfaces smell pleasant rather than the air.

Let the Sun In

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This is a foolproof method of freshening up your home whilst you are cleaning. A bit of sun will help keep away nuisances like bed bugs, and make the rooms feel brighter. No matter how well you clean, shutting the sun out will not be in your home’s favor.


Dont’s of Home Cleaning:

Don’t Spray

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Rather dispensing the spray cleaners on the surface dispense them on a wash cloth and then dab onto the surface. This will prevent harmful chemicals from staying airborne.

Avoid Too Much Furniture Polish

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Furniture polish is likely to attract more dust particles to stick if it is used in abundance. Also, the lingering smell of the polish is not very pleasing. Try using furniture polish occasionally and do not apply to the furniture directly.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals on Tiles

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{Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Temporal Spirit 965}

Chemicals with bleaching properties, when used in scrubbing, will damage the luster of kitchen and bathroom tiles. It’s better to opt for a simple diluted antiseptic solution as it won’t make the tiles appear dull.

Don’t Skip Bathroom or Kitchen Cleaning

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Toilets and kitchen sinks are the hub of germs. If you are short on time and planning to skip most of the chores, make sure to quickly use a disinfectant in the toilet and kitchen to keep yourself safe from germs.

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Don’t Delay Cleaning

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If you do not clean on the go, it will pile up. Make it a habit of the family to clean, wash, and arrange as you go about your day. This will help instill healthy habits and create an air of well-being in your home.

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Talking about cleaning, I am still looking to find someone to help me around the house. I need my house always feeling clean and organized, but I have to admit it is not the way I usually like lately. It’s being hard to keep everything clean with the kids, a puppy and my work. I can’t wait to have someone helping me to keep my house the way I like.

Having a house clean makes my mind feel “clean” and relaxed as well.

Enjoy your day, my friens and we’ll talk again tomorrow!

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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