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All that I can think of, when it comes to French design, are elegance and comfortable furnishings and effortless refinement…

No one can ever forget the sight of a stylish French woman. She looks effortlessly elegant and chic with a vintage cashmere coat, casually wrapped scarf and a weathered Italian saddle leather bag. Her shiny hair and groomed nails do all the talking. French homes are known for reflecting this seemingly inborn sense of taste, refinement and style.

Be it a sophisticated home in Bordeaux, a chic Parisian apartment, a French-style country house based in Loire valley or a Cannes coastal home, the world has admired the effortless sense of style. The increasing popularity of the French country style has led to overly themed French furniture and home décor. If not careful, going for these can only make your home look more like a themed hotel rather than a tastefully designed French home.

Now, the main question to be addressed is, how can you create a modern French country home without getting too much into trivial decorative furnishings? One of the well kept secrets of a classic French home is unforced, unstudied aesthetics that are spontaneous. It underlies a non-designed collected approach.

This collected approach ensures that there is provenance and meaning to every object. It could be anything from a finial that you picked up from a local antique shop to a lovely wool throw, which an older relative gifted you. Or, it can also be that brass bed in which your father once had as a child. All that it takes to create an artistic French home is an array of thoughtful collectibles, which you can relate to.


Modern French Home Front Door. Modern French Home with steel Front Door. #ModernFrenchHome #FrontDoor #SteelDoor Nahra Design Group

The Contemporary French Country Look is a Tasteful Blend of Class and Comfort that Gives a Rustic Appeal

Kitchen with island and peninsula. Open kitchen with island and peninsula. Great kitchen island and peninsula layout #Kitchen #KitchenIsland #KitchenPeninsula #IslandandPeninsula #KitchenIslandandPeninsula Nahra Design Group

The lovely spaces of French homes revolve around the things they love. These include their family, friends and the good food they savor. French design heavily influences the kitchen, as family meals are of utmost importance in the French culture. Hence, their kitchens are large with open communal spaces. Who can ignore those large wooden slab tables filled with bread, cheese and wine and surrounded by numerous chairs for large happy family meals? For a more contemporary approach try to use your kitchen island or peninsula to display your food and snacks. The custom zinc hood in the kitchen above adds to the rustic feel of this space.

The French Loves to Create a Connection Between Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

Cloud White 967 by Benjamin Moore. Cloud White 967 by Benjamin Moore Paint Color. Cloud White 967 by Benjamin Moore #CloudWhite967 #BenjaminMoore #BenjaminMooreCloudWhite RLH Studio

{Paint Color: “Cloud White 967 by Benjamin Moore”.}

The love to minimize the outdoor and indoor boundaries heavily influences everything right from the materials used to lively additions, such as fresh flowers and huge bowls and baskets full of fresh produce. Moreover, French kitchens are more of a workplace rather than just a showplace. Their kitchens are an aesthetic combination of elegance and functionality.

In a classic French home, joyful embellishments are added to keep the atmosphere of the home cheerful rather than being strictly practical. French country houses are never unadorned. They are always decorated with objects that serve several purposes in the day-to-day grind. The counters, walls and shelves are likely to be decorated with baskets, pitchers and serving bowls. The artfully stored baskets carry out double duty by holding all the produce at the farmer’s market.

Whether you want to upgrade your home with a French inspired décor or re-define the French style in a fresh contemporary way, here are a few basic guidelines to assist you:

Replace Overly Themed Pieces with Classic Ones

Mascarpone AF-20 by Benjamin Moore. Mascarpone AF-20 by Benjamin Moore. Paint Color Mascarpone AF-20 by Benjamin Moore #MascarponeAF20BenjaminMoore #MascarponeAF20BenjaminMoore Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

{Paint Color: “Mascarpone AF-20 by Benjamin Moore”.}

Genuine furnishings that grow old with time are advisable. However, huge boxes from the local retailers that are forcefully intended to look like the French articles can make your home look faux distressed. If you want to add a dash of French flair to your design, then opting for authentic French standbys such as Tolix style stool or chair can be a wise choice.

A French man named Xavier Pauchard created the Tolix collection in the year 1930, which later became famous as the French café stool or chair. Opting for Tolix collection makes re-designing your realm much easier.

Tolix line of furniture are made from galvanized and painted galvanized steel. These are pieces of art that get better with time, as they keep developing a natural tarnishing of age.

In an attempt to keep a collected look, choosing matching furniture and accessories or creating a single-look design can only make your home look over themed.

Kitchen. Kitchen with herringbone wood floors, navy island painted in Farrow and Ball Railings #31 and steel doors and windows leading to the outdoors. #Kitchen Blakes London

It is okay to mix textures, wood and other materials. Individually choosing classic and beautiful things and then eclectically blending them with your space gives a better rustic appeal. Also, using quality furniture with rounded, natural finishes with natural forms can make your home look classier.

Timeless French Furniture Design

No.18 Thonet Chair. Thonet chair ideas. #No18Thonet. #ThonetChair Nikki To Photography

If you are planning for a European-inspired home, then collection inspired from Thonet can do justice. Initially being fixtures of Vienna and Berlin, Thonet chairs were created by Thonet, a German designer. Later on, these stools and chairs made their way into coffee bars all around Europe including France. Some of these Thonet chairs can be simple yet stunning additions to your home as they impart an old-world European charm.

Vintage inspired hardware and lighting can evoke greater functionality with lesser embellishments for a spare modern feel.

Kitchen Reclaimed Wood Ceiling. Kitchen Reclaimed Plank Wood Ceiling. Kitchen Reclaimed Barn Wood Ceiling. #KitchenReclaimedWoodCeiling Chris Frick Photography

Industrial doorknobs and pulls can add life and still give the look of ‘found objects’, defining a chic French design. The warm mix of wood furnishings and glass fixtures can create a vision of textured layers that add additional visual interest even to a simple arena.

An all-white kitchen can be a nice way to redo the modern French country look. In the French kitchen, cabinets, counters as well as the tableware are often white. White generally dominates with the natural wood making an elegant contrast. This mix of wood and white in varying textures make French homes look neat yet mesmerizing.

The color palettes straightaway pulled from the nature make the core of designs inspired from the French country.

Ivory Kitchen cabinet backsplash. Ivory Kitchen cabinet backsplash ideas. Ivory Kitchen cabinet backsplash #IvoryKitchencabinetbacksplash Capoferro Design Build Group

Neutral interiors are often seen in French interior, but color plays an important part as well. Colors do a lot of the talking in a French country home and most of these come from the dusty sages, sunny yellows and velvety heathers. The bolder sides include corn flour blue, peony pinks and brick reds. Eclectically used colors reflect a ‘collected book’.

Sometimes a steer clear appeal is given to a room using a strict two-tone scheme using colors such as yellow and blue. Classic French homes generally have a huge neutral wood plank used as a table. This table is surrounded by numerous Tolix style stools or chairs that come with a natural galvanized steel finish. The French home is never complete without a bright enameled Le Creuset Dutch oven, yellow daisy bouquet decorating the counter and the rooms filled with the warm smells of Coq Au Vin.


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