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When not having enough space for guests, the homeowners of this property decided to build a guest for their friends and extended family.

The guest house had to have a cottage-y feel and it also had to have the same country characteristics the main house has.

Located in Spain, this country house has something enchanting about it and you first get that impression when you see the green roof and the beautiful yellow façade surrounded by plants.

But this country guest house isn’t only about beauty, this is a place designed with relaxation and practicality of a small space in mind. Guests can certainly feel comfortable here with their own private space, and they can also help themselves with a tiny yet very practical kitchen that’s incorporated in a built-in in the living room.

Take a look and you’ll see that this country house is full of great ideas!


Country House

This country house is all about color and comfort. As soon you enter this house you’re embraced by warm and sunny hues.

Living Room

Green is found in many different ways in this cottage. I love the floors and the fireplace. The coffee table is by Fernando Moreno.


Wouldn’t you like to stay in this country house? Tray and vases from Becara.


Beautiful colors and textures. Pillows by Becara.


What a surprise! You open the custom built-in and you find a mini-kitchen! Accordingly to the homeowner, the kitchen is fulled equipped and guests can even prepare their own small meals here, such as breakfast.

Rug by Fernando Moreno and ottoman by Pantay.  Linen chairs can be found here.


The view of the terrace. Imagine waking up and having breakfast there. Linen draperies are from Zara Home.


Pure serenity! This bedroom feels romantic without being ultra-feminine. It’s completely well-balanced.

Bench is by El Trastero de Macarena.

Summery Breeze

I always love bedrooms that opens to the garden.

Mirror is by El Mueble Store and chair is by Fernando Moreno.

Don’t you wish you could spend a couple of days in this place? I honestly would love to take a little break, especially if it’s in Spain! 😉


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Talking about taking a break, I rarely have time to “play” when I’m on the computer. I’m always working, preparing posts or designing. But last weekend I “traveled” around the continent visiting the houses I once lived through Google maps. I’m sure most of you are aware of “Street View”. What I never thought of doing is actually visiting places I lived when I was a child back in Brazil. My parents moved a lot and we also had a couple of farms and I was so happy to “visit” those places and see what had changed since then.

I must say that, for being so far away, I felt very emotional and even a little confused. If you live far away from where you’re from you might understand the feeling. I missed my family, and even though I miss my roots, my land, I know for sure that I am where I am supposed to be.

Somehow I wished I could have both, but since that’s not possible, I accept the chances and the paths I chose and I give thanks for everything and everyone I’m blessed with.

Seeing all the houses I once lived made me think not only about where I am from, but where I am going. It’s so incredible when we actually stop and think about the story we’re creating for our lives and maybe we haven’t always made the right decisions, but certainly we are where we’re choosing to be.

Life is this: freedom to be who you’re meant to be and the process of getting there is where our soul resides.

With Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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 Sources:  El Mueble via Nicety.

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  1. Luciane…another beautiful home! So charming and livable and wonderful.
    I can imagine how you felt seeing your old neighborhood its normal to feel so nostalgic and thats a good thing..means you had many happy memories there!!

  2. Karen said,

    Isn’t it wonderful what technology can do for us! A trip down memory lane for you, without having to leave your own home. Just think of the wonderful memories you are creating for your own children, 🙂

  3. Karen said,

    BTW, I love this place….it says “Welcome Home, come sit, relax, and enjoy yourself!”

  4. Forget this being a guest cottage I want to move in please! It’s stunning!

    I’m glad you’ve had the chance to visit some of the places you’ve seen Luciane but I guess the saying is true, “you can never go home again”.


  5. Leslie said,

    Such a beautiful home! The bedroom opening to the garden is stunning and I love the fireplace.

    How great wonderful to have a virtual trip to your stomping grounds. You’re right! Life takes us so many different directions. I think our path is set and we have to make happiness wherever we are.


  6. Manderley said,

    Lovely House, It’s perfect for me. It’s gorgeous, cozy and nice.
    Undoubtedly will drive them very much your roots but as you say, you are where you should be with the family you have created.


  7. Kathy said,

    My heart ached for you and your home-sickness…I love that you have such marvelous soul…and I love your blog so much it gives my heart so much satisfaction to see such beautiful, calming beauty.

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