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Hello everyone! How are you guys doing today? I hope you’re off to an excellent Thursday!

I want to share with you today my monthly “20 Picks” at Houzz. Since spring started all I’m thinking about is color! I want to see more colorful interiors, colorful walls, colorful homes, colorful rooms, colorful accessories, well… you get the idea! That’s why my “20 Picks” are all about “Colorful Decor”, but I didn’t stop there, I brought some spring inspired interiors to my blog also. I hope you really enjoy these beautiful and stylish colorful homes. There’s a variety of cottage, beach and shabby-chic decor, all involving warm colors.

By The Sea

Beach bedroom by Viscusi Elson Interior Design via House of Turquoise


I love this bedroom! White furniture goes well with almost any color! By Viscusi Elson Interior Design via House of Turquoise

Bank For Your Bunks

These are designed for adults!  By Viscusi Elson Interior Design via House of Turquoise

Up & Down

 Hip and fun colors. By Viscusi Elson Interior Design via House of Turquoise


 Can you “feel” the calmness of this bathroom? Via House of Turquoise


 This is a white but fun kitchen. Nothing ordinary about the light fixtures. Via House of Turquoise


Who wouldn’t feel comfortable in this space, right? Via House of Turquoise

Hello, Lovely!

Very stylish! Via House of Turquoise

Maison Sweet Maison

My friend Amy’s living room. She brings color with the pillow, lamps, natural flowers and that stunning chandelier. Via Maison Decor

This is it!

Amy is simply incredible. I wish I had half of her energy when it comes to DIY projects. Via Maison Decor

Las Flores

There’s no doubt Amy is a perfectionist. Her home is always stunning! Maison Decor

Try DIY!

I simply fell in love with this nursery. Click here to see the DIY project: Source


The anticipation of bringing “happiness” home. Via Desde My Ventana.


The pillows on the bench and the window treatments are done perfectly. Via Nicety

“N” is for “Niente”

I adore the rustic look this space has. Via Nicety

Basket Me

What a cool idea of hanging baskets on walls. I’d love to see a couple of them in a mudroom. You can use two for each person: the ones above are used for clothing (jackets, hats, gloves, etc) and the ones below can store shoes. To complete the look, use these letters to write the initial of each person’s name above the baskets. Unique and affordable! Image via Nicety

Have a Seat

Adding color in small “doses” makes any room feel harmonious without feeling “heavy”, take for example this picture; colors were added with the chair, painting and fresh flowers. Via 79 ideas.

Tiny & Cute

The walls of this cottage were kept light, but colors were added with accessories. Via Nicety


Everything is art when hung on a wall. Be creative. Use color! Via 79 ideas.

I See You!

Oh, La, La Colors! Via 79 ideas.


So cute! Via 79 ideas.


Embrace your favorite color around your house. Via 79 ideas.

Sweet Dreams

Change the heavy sheets you had during the whole winter for some fresh and colorful ones. Energize your bedroom! Via 79 ideas. Source

Pink Me Up

Whoa! That’s pink!  Via79 ideasSource

Smell the Flowers

Let spring fill your house with flowers… real ones and some not so real. Via 79 ideasSource

Fly Butterfly 

Pure fun!   Via 79 ideasSource

Dark & Light

I like the contrast of dark walls, light furniture and colorful pillows. Via 79 ideasSource


How feminine and poetic. Love the key in the door.  Via 79 ideas.


Still don’t want to commit with too much color? Keep it simple with natural flowers. Via Nicety

Who’s that Girl?

Pretty! Via 79 ideas.

Only You

Perfect for the cottage of our dreams. Via 79 ideas.


Simplicity is always best. Via 79 ideas.

Do It

Be the artist… create! Via 79 ideas.


White and green always look so fresh together. Via 79 ideas.


The formality is broken by the natural and simple flower arrangement. Via 79 ideas.

For You!

Pure and delicate. Via 79 ideas.


Mix vintage with new. Via 79 ideas.

Super Supper 

Wouldn’t you feel special if someone prepared something like this for you? Via 79 ideas.

Which one are you pinning today?

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I hope this “Pinterest Fuel” made you feel light, happy and ready to bring some more color into your home. What about buying some fresh flowers for yourself today? Even if it’s one single rose to put on your bedside table. I hope you embrace some color and watch what it does to your mood, to your spirit, to your day.

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