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Armonia is the perfect word to describe the interior designer Emily Ruddo‘s work. She knows how to create perfect harmony between rooms and the colors she adds in every single one of them. Talking about colors, Emily is not afraid to use them wisely. She has an incredible eye for making any room feel calm and easy, but with a “punch” of energy. Each design seen here has a mix of beautiful blues, turquoise, orange, red and pink. But only color isn’t enough to make a room feel right. The beauty about her design has a lot to do with the comfortable pieces she often chooses to decorate a room with.

Happiness brought in the form of design. Take a look!

Living Room

Softness and calmness.

Pink & Blues

Feminine, but not too precious.


I simply love this! Bringing some coastal vibe in a very pretty way.

To the Other Side

The beauty of this room continues to the dining room.


These chairs would wake up any sleepy guest! They totally bring happiness to this space.


Blue is my favorite color. There’s nothing I don’t adore in this space. Notice the different frames, there’s no need to match them.

Call All of Your Friends

 Beautiful, yet relaxed and comfy!

Bringing Beauty

Any wall in your house has the potential to bring beauty and interest to it.


Feeling autumn coming already?


This is the kind of room that can feel more feminine or masculine depending on what kind of accessories you add to it.


The red and blues bring so much warmth to this room.


I like the touch of natural materials in this space.

That Blue Bedroom


Bedside Table

I love having fresh flowers on my side table. It’s a treat I give myself often.


Softness and turquoise. I want this bed sheet!


Don’t be afraid to add some color with accessories. This bedroom is a good example of having neutral walls, but it’s transformed into a more interesting place by adding color through accessories.

Use It

Do you have beautiful books? Make sure to display them.


A bedroom can feel chic without having to break the bank.

Sleepy Time

A well-made bed is so important in any bedroom. It makes the whole room feel more inviting.


Light blue is usually a really good color for bathrooms.

Why Not?

Adding beauty to a bathroom makes the place feel extra special.

Sunny Outdoors

Yellow looks great when there’s greenery around.


Taking the time to prepare a table like this one will make your guests feel welcome and cared for.

Adding & Mixing

Bring your favorite colors to your outdoor rooms.

Don’t you like seeing rooms like these, where beautiful colors are added to bring a room together? Whenever I see rooms like these, so perfectly done, I feel like adding much more color to my own space. I usually try to add it with different accessories because they’re easier to change than furniture or having to paint the walls. I do a lot of painting, but if you have kids in your house, you know it’s not that easy to move everything around and keep them away from the mess. But, with accessories I always do change the mood of the rooms with ease!

Now, tell me… Did you have an interesting weekend? We had a very sunny one. I didn’t have much time to relax because I had to prepare so many things around the house and the blog, but whenever I could I went to spend some time outdoors. I know this beautiful sunshine will not last that long. By next month I’ll be even busier driving the kids to school and the weather will start to cool down a bit. So, I better enjoy days like these. 

Not taking anything for granted, including simple things, like the weather is something we should keep doing while we’re here. Every day, every moment does count. How we live each of them has a deep impact of how our lives unfold…

Have a Blessed week and please make sure to be back tomorrow for our “Cottage of the Week”.

One more thing, thanks to all of my readers that post the pictures you love here on pinterest. It’s so nice to read what you love about stuff you find here! Thanks, guys!


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Source: Armonia Decors,Photos by: Meghan Beierle-O’Brien.

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