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White Kitchen. White Kitchen Hardwood Floors. Cloud White Benjamin Moore Kitchen. White Kitchen Paint Color. White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color. White Kitchen Paint. Painting white kitchen cabinets. #WhiteKitchen Shea McGee Design.


The kitchen is where many people spend most of their waking hours while in the home. If you’re planning on renovating and improving your kitchen, keep one of the latest trends in home décor in mind: maximize kitchen space by hiding appliances. This will not only create a cleaner aesthetics but it will also create the illusion of more space in your kitchen.

These are the four ultimate hidden appliances that any new kitchen should have:

Benefits of Hiding Appliances

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Cabinet Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Kitchen Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Paint Color. #BenjaminMooreChantillyLace

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

A large fridge or countertop appliance often draws the eye and makes the space feel more cluttered. When interior designers design customized kitchens, one of the top choices is to build custom cabinetry that will hide these appliances. A built-in fridge will look similar to the design of the cupboards that surround it, while an appliance garage can provide plenty of space to keep your stand mixer, toaster oven, and other midsize items. You can even shop for a cooktop with retractable burners if you want to maximize prep space.


Kitchen Appliance Garage with Built-in Coffee Machine. Wolf coffee machine and additional storage in kitchen appliance garage. Humphrey Munson.

Wolf coffee machine and additional storage in kitchen appliance garage.

Paper White by Benjamin Moore. Benjamin Moore Paper White. White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color. Benjamin Moore Paper White. #BenjaminMoorePaperWhite #BenjaminMoorePaintColors #BenjaminMooreWhitePaintColor Shea McGee Design.

This kitchen has a very clean feel since all the appliances are hidden in the cabinets.

White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color: Paper White by Benjamin Moore.


Trash Compactor

Kitchen Trash Compactor. Kitchen paneled trash compactor. Place kitchen trash compactor by the sink on one side and the dishwasher on the other side of the sink. #Kitchen #TrashCompactor Shea McGee Design.

The trash can in your kitchen can cause multiple problems, in addition to taking up too much space. An open can might carry food odors that spread to other rooms. A trash compactor is an excellent solution to all of these issues, since it takes up very little space and often will require a step to open.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur. Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur. Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur. Navy Kitchen cabinet Paint Color #BenjaminMooreRaccoonFur Design Manifest.

Navy Cabinet Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur.


Tech Devices

Kitchen TV Layout Ideas. Kitchen with tv facing family room and breakfast nook. #Kitchen #TV Martin's Custom Finishing Ltd

If you like to watch TV while you cook, but want more space, consider adding a cabinet that will house your television. This allows you to open the cupboard when your favorite show starts, but keep it closed when the TV isn’t in use. Custom kitchen designers also offer options to add cabinetry that can hold your tablet or other mobile device, since many people use them to read recipes while cooking but don’t necessarily want to keep them on the counter where food can cause damage.

Kitchen Nook. Small kitchen nook with custom cabinets, desk, hardwood floor. Great comfy area with rug and pouf. Martin's Custom Finishing Ltd .


Slide-Out Shelves

American Walnut Kitchen. American Walnut Kitchen Cabinet. The island cabinetry features the same American walnut and includes the Miele wine refrigeration and dishwasher, there are also integrated bookshelves to the rear – great for storing cookbooks. The sink and taps are by Perrin & Rowe and work perfectly with the Kohler Bakersfield sink. Humphrey Munson.

When designing your kitchen, you may wonder where you will store spices, boxes and cans of food, and other items that you typically store in cupboards if this space is taken by appliances. Slide or swing-out shelves are excellent options, since they allow space to store all of your ingredients without taking up extra space within the cupboards.

Kitchen Spice Cabinet. Kitchen cabinets are made from American walnut and offer spice racks inside. #Kitchen #Spice #Cabinet #AmericanWalnut . Humphrey Munson.

Cook’s pantry with drawers and spice racks.

Kitchen Drawer Ideas. American Walnut Kitchen cabinet - Cook’s Pantry. Humphrey Munson.

The cabinets are American Walnut.


Refrigerator and Freezer

French Kitchen with white perimeter cabinets and mint green kitchen island. #FrenchKitchen #French #KItchen #French #WhiteKitchen #MintGreen #Island Stonecroft Homes.

When designing your own customized kitchen, try to incorporate the refrigerator and freezer right into the cupboards so it won’t be noticeable and will blend in nicely with the surroundings.

French Kitchen Paneled Refrigerator and Freezer. French kitchen with mint green kitchen island and paneled fridge and freezer. #French #Kitchen #Paneled #Refrigerator #Freezer Stonecroft Homes.

Stunning French kitchen with mint green island.


When it comes to the kitchen, a few simple changes can make a big difference in the look and feel of the space. By hiding your appliances, you can easily make the kitchen feel more spacious and aesthetically appealing.


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