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Shingled-Style Beach Home. Beautiful exterior ideas for shingled beach homes. #ShingledHomes #ShingledBeachHouse #BeachHouse


Designed by the very talented folks at Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc., this Nantucket coastal cottage is one of those places that you can easily feel right at home in.

The interiors embrace coastal decor to the fullest! You certainly can tell the homeowners love being by the ocean and they show this in every single room of this cottage, from its coastal kitchen to a very inspiring (and magical) kids bunk room that has its own “ship loft”.

This cottage keeps inspiring and it might even bring some sunshine to your day.

Builder: Sea Island Builders

Nantucket Coastal Cottage

Beach House. Beautiful design ideas for beach houses. #BeachHouse #CoastalInteriors

Shingle Stain: Because the house is near the ocean, the cedar shingles take on this color without stain naturally. It’s hard to imitate with stain, but there are some products out there that can achieve a similar look if you aren’t near the water.


Coastal Foyer

Coastal Interiors. Very inspiring coastal interiors. #CoastalInteriors #InteriorDesignIdeas #Interiors #HomeDecor #CoastalDecor

You know you’re in a coastal cottage the moment you open the doors. Beautiful coastal decor can be seen almost in every direction. How summery is this?!



Benjamin Moore Popular White Kitchen Paint Color. Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 is one of the most popular white kitchen paint color. Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 #BenjaminMoore #WhiteDove OC-17

It’s impossible to love this kitchen! I adore the cute lighthouses and sailboats!

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17


Landing Area

Landing Area. Landing Area Design Ideas. This landing area has great built-ins. #Library #LandingArea #Interiors #Homedecor

The landing area is yet another space in this cottage that fully embraces coastal decor. Notice the sign and the wonderful built-in bookcases and reading nook.


Master Bedroom

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors. Benjamin Moore Westchester Tan 246 #BenjaminMoore #WestchesterTan 246

What a darling bedroom. It’s sweet and classic at the same time.

Imagine walking up here, opening the doors to the patio and enjoying the ocean’s breeze.


Only Little Pirates Allowed!

Kids Bedroom Design Ideas. Great Themed Kids Bedroom Design Ideas. #KidsBedroomDesign #BedroomDesign

How fun! What kid wouldn’t love to have a “ship loft” in his bedroom?!


Bonus Room

Family Room Design Ideas. Inspiring Coastal Family Room design. #Coastal #FamilyRoom

The bonus room in this cottage is perfect to be used as a guest quarters or a hide out.


Small Kitchen

Kitchen. Small Kitchen design Ideas. This small kitchen design is perfect for a guest quarters. #SmallKitchen #Kitchen #SmallSpaces #Interiors

The space also has a small kitchen with white cabinets, open shelves and butcher block countertop.

Notice the charming eating nook and stunning curved beam.


Back of the Cottage

Cottage. Inspiring Coastal Cottage Design. #Cottage #CoastalDecor

I could spend a whole afternoon here, enjoying the sun and reading a good book.


Guest Cottage

Cottage. Beautiful Cottage Pictures. #Cottage #CoastalCottage #BeachCottage

A cute as a button guest cottage with lovely gardens is located on the property.

Many thanks to the builder for sharing the details above.

Sources: Sea Island Builders


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Interior Design Ideas: Paint Color

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A Goodbye… and part of my life story.

If you read my blog for a while you probably know I try to share a positive message and I always share what’s in my heart with you. In fact, I started writing this blog almost four years ago to share my passion for interiors, but most of all, to share who I truly am.

To know who I am, you have to know how I became what I am today and big part of this process is, undoubtedly, thanks to my dear grandmother Maria.

Vovó Maria, (vovó means “grandmother” in Portuguese) had two sons and didn’t hesitate on adopting my mother when she found out that the little girl she often saw at the train station had lost her mother at the age of five. My grandfather and my mom’s father worked together at the train station back in the late 1930’s in Brazil. He didn’t have anyone to leave my mother with and had to bring her to work. She would stay playing around the station and my grandmother would do everything she could to help her… bring food, clothing, everything a five-year-old need. One day, after getting tired of worrying for the future of that little girl, she suggested to my mother’s father to adopt her. She would take care of her, give her a home and all the love she desperately needed.

My grandmother and grandfather honored what they’ve promised. They gave everything my mother needed and although that was not always easy, they always supported my mother. She grew-up to be a beautiful young lady. That’s when she met her first love _ my father. They soon got married and had two daughters _ my sister and I.

Unfortunately, my father wasn’t ready to be a father and much less, a husband. If you’re married, you know it takes a lot of you and he wasn’t responsible enough. Love wasn’t stronger that his immaturity and after many years of trying, my mother divorced my father when I was only six years old.

After that, she needed to find a job, start over, find a way to believe in life, in love. She did it with a smile on her face…. I never met anyone with a more beautiful smile, but it’s never easy for a single mother of two, especially in a country like Brazil where life seems to be even more unfair than in many other places in this world.

My mother tried to balance work and take care of two small daughters, but we all struggled with that. It was hard to deal with your parents getting a divorce and not seeing your mother and had to stay with nannies, hard to a point where my grandparents suggested my mother to help her raise my sister and I. We slowly started to move to my grandparent’s house. They took care of us while my mother was working hard and trying to get her life back to normal.

My mother have always being in our lives and still is, but I can’t help but say that if I know what family truly is, it’s thanks to my grandparents.

My dear grandma Maria took care of my sister and I as if we were her daughters. She did everything or even more than a mother does to her children. She cooked, she gave to us everything we needed. She made so many beautiful dresses to us and she taught us about life and God.

I grew up listing to her and trying to learn as much as I could from her. I knew she was full of wisdom, love and God in her heart. She honestly couldn’t have being a better mother to the two of us.

She gave me courage to believe in myself and never give-up. It was really hard when I decided to leave home and move to a country where I didn’t know anyone or even could speak the language. But she believe in me, she trusted me and she gave me all the strength to also believe in myself.

My life was never easy, I had to work hard to achieve my goals and to have what I have today, but I know for a fact, that if I didn’t have my grandparents to show me the way, I wouldn’t have arrived where I am today. I am who I am because of their love and trust.

About two years ago, my dear grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and since 2010 we had seen her getting more and more fragile. I have mentioned her here so many times and I couldn’t have done it any other way. If I think about my life, my childhood, I think of her.

On Friday, at the age of eighty-eight, my grandmother went to heaven.


Although I call her “grandma”, for me, this word means “mother”, because that is what she really is and always will be to me. I just lost my mother…


What keeps me strong at this moment is knowing that she went and she is in peace. She knew that she had done everything God had put in her path to do. She took care of everyone she could in this life and she did it with all of her heart.

I have to say that I am having moments of ups and downs. At certain moments I am okay (I need to be strong for my kids) and at others I feel completely lonely. Who will hear me and talk to me the way she did?

At the same point, I am having so much support. My husband is being incredible and he’s calming me down, showing me what a wonderful life she had and how grateful I should be for having her for all of these years.

I remember when she wasn’t feeling well and I mentioned her here and many of you said you would pray for her. When I told her what I heard from you, she put her hands together, looked up and thanked God. She knew she was going to receive that grace and she did for a long time.

Now, I ask you to please, keep her, my family and my grandfather in your thoughts and prayers. I know we will receive them in our hearts, just like my grandma did.

Meanwhile, I will keep in my heart the most beautiful thing I heard after this happened; a friend of mine said something that I feel it was a message sent from Above and which I know will give me strength:

“Turn towards your faith right now, Luciane”.

…And this is exactly what my grandma would’ve said.


with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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41 Comments to 'Nantucket Coastal Cottage & A Goodbye'

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  1. Nancy Williams said,

    Luciane, I am so sorry to hear of your Grandma’s passing–what a wonderful woman!


  2. Tammy said,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Your grandmother sounds like she was an amazing woman and I’m sure she will be surely missed. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  3. Mary said,

    Dear Luciane, what a beautiful life story and how marvelous the people who made it happen for you. Love surrounds you. I know Grandma is happy and watching over you and your family. Take strength from that love and thank God for His goodness. A big hug.


  4. Mike said,

    So sorry for your loss! Thank you so much for your blog – I look at it every day at work and it’s something I always look forward to. Cheers

  5. Jeff said,

    Prayers coming your way. What an awesome tribute.

  6. Meg said,

    Dear Luciane, I am so sorry for your loss. It is clear from your words that your grandmother meant the world to you. I love looking at the beautiful photographs on your blog while I eat lunch at my desk everyday, but today you’ve also reminded me to really appreciate every moment I have with my family too, because sadly we cannot keep them with us forever.

  7. mary said,

    I don’t know you or your “mother” but it is such a beautifully written story. You must be so thankful for all she did for you and your sister and even more thankful that she is a child of
    God. With tears in my eyes, I say God bless you and yours and may the many wonderful memories be with you forever.

  8. Laura said,

    Your post made me cry—what a wonderful relationship you had with your grandmother. I hope the pain that you feel with this loss gets easier with time. You’re in my prayers!

  9. Judy said,

    Praying for comfort in your mind and peace in your heart. I know she was very proud of you growing up to be a beautifully spiritual woman.

  10. Rae said,

    So sorry for your loss! She sounds like she was an incredible woman.

  11. Laurentina said,

    Querida Luciane
    Lamento a sua perda. Certamente que a sua avó querida encontrou a paz.
    Em Portugal o seu blog é a minha leitura diária obrigatória e os seus comentários finais sempre carinhosos e positivos são uma para mim um momento de inspiração e bondade. Desejo tudo de bom para si e família.

  12. Karen said,

    I have read your blog almost daily from its inception. This is, by far, the most touching story I have read among the many fascinating stories you have shared. An incredible tribute to a beautiful woman, your “mother”, your mentor, your guardian angel. For me, watching you raise your children is a tribute in itself to your grandmother and I could see for myself a few years back, how incredibly proud she was of you and all of yours. May you find peace and comfort in the coming days, months, years ahead – as you watch and guide your own children – knowing she lives on through you and each one of them. My heart felt thoughts and prayers to you and yours at this time of loss. You are so loved my friend. Xoxo

  13. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said,

    Luciane, Your Grandmother sounds like such a wonderful woman and you have written a beautiful tribute to her. I am so sorry for your loss and I will keep you and your family in my prayers,

  14. Lauren said,

    I am so very sorry about your grandmother. Grandmothers are special people, and you were fortunate to have such wonderful grandparents. I love to read your posts, not just for the lovely homes, but for the sweet thoughts and inspiration you always add at the end. And for your willingness to share the everyday challenges of motherhood, managing a home and business, and the courage you have to get through it all with love and hope. I think that is your grandmother shining through you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you,

  15. Susan S said,

    Dear Luciane,
    I’m so deeply sorry for the loss of your Vovo Maria. Your life was graced by her loving soul and you are, obviously, carrying her love forward. You will always carry her with you.

    “. . .here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life—which grows higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide) and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart—i carry your heart
    (i carry it in my heart)” e.e.cummings

    Thank you for a beautiful blog and tender feelings that match.

  16. franki said,

    What an extraordinary woman!!! Would that we all follow her example. Peace be with you. franki

  17. Valerie Kilpatrick said,

    A beautiful story. Your grandmother’s strength, wisdom and love clearly live on in you, Luciane!

  18. Karen said,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose those we dearly love but nothing is truer than what your friend said about turning to your faith. God’s love and promises are true! Prayers & comforting thoughts going out for you!

  19. Design Chic said,

    What a beautiful and wonderful tribute to your grandmother – a woman who was truly amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Luciane…sending you the biggest warmest hug…

  20. Ann said,


    I think your grandmother passed along to you many wonderful traits including compassion and empathy. I’m sorry for your pain, but it must be comforting to know she’s in a better place. God’s blessings to your family.

  21. Kate Abt Design said,

    Luciane – I am truly so very sorry to hear of your beautiful grandmothers passing. She was an amazing lady and thank you for sharing your story with us. She will always be with you and watch over you and your family. Stay strong. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

  22. Jeanne Lambert said,

    Luciane you have written such a beautiful love story here about your sweet Vovo’ Maria. As Frankie commented above “Would that we all follow her example.” What a beautiful thing to be remembered for. Love. I can’t think of anything more honorable or worthy. God Bless you and your family. Thank you for sharing this very tender tribute about your extraordinary Grandmother with us. Peace be with you sweet friend. oxox

  23. Stacy said,

    I am so sorry for your loss. What an incredible story about your grandmother. Keeping your family in my prayers

  24. Carole said,

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely story. I’m sorry to hear you’ll be ending the blog. I’ve enjoyed reading it each night before bed. You always find such wonderful pictures. Wishing you and your grandfather and family peace and comfort at this sad time.

  25. Carole said,

    Lucienne I just realized your goodbye wasn’t to your readers but to your grandmother. So please ignore that part in the comment I just left. (Feel free to delete it)

  26. Gloria said,

    Luciane: You are a wonderful person to write this homage for your dear Grandmother, whom was also a first/second mother to you. I am sure she is in Heaven, right now, smiling to see that you wrote these special words about her. To take the time to give her such a WONDERFUL, LOVING tribute — she is probably so proud of you. I can tell she loved you beyond reason, from YOUR loving thoughts of her. ALSO: look for a SIGN from her — she will send it to you from Heaven. You will know it when you see it. My mother, when she passed away, sent signs to me, and to my son (her beloved Grandson, whom she loved as as a son, as YOUR Grandmother loved you as a daughter) and so look for her signs… Let me know when you get one. 😉
    Love and my best,
    Gloria xxoo

  27. Eli said,

    Dear Luciane, how wonderful you grandma your life has accompanied. Her love, her thoughts will be always with you. You`ll love your children as well.
    Send you warm greetings.
    My thoughts are with you.

  28. Alicia said,

    Desde hace algunos meses sigo tu blog desde España. Gracias al traductor de Google, porque no sé inglés. Me fascinan vuestras casas de lujo.
    Pero el motivo de mi comentario es para mostrar mi admiración por ti. Sabes reconocer lo maravilloso de tu vida y dar gracias por ello. Y aunque la pérdida de tu abuela te duela en muchos momentos, recuerda que lo que ha ocurrido es que la mariposa ha salido del capullo. Tu abuela ha abandonado un capullo ya viejo y deteriorado en forma de una preciosa mariposa, como dice Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, y en este momento tiene otra vida más bella y plena.

  29. Manderley said,

    My dear Luciane, I’m so sorry for you loss. She will be in heaven seeing the incredible woman and mother you’ve become and be proud of you.
    A big kiss.

  30. subi said,

    Am so sorry for your loss Luciana. Ur grandmother s soul will definitely rest in peace. Ur grandmother s life reveals that so many good people lived in this world. And hope good people are living in this world still. My prayer is always there for u n ur family.

  31. Bev said,

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family, Luciane. You were blessed to have her in your life. I have also lost a loved one to Alzheimers. Someone who, like your grandmother, raised me, taught me right from wrong, loved me, fed me, gave me a home, all when they did not need to, i.e., not a parent because the parents were not there. These are the angels in life, and we must remember to pass on their goodness and blessings to someone else. I will pray for you, your grandmother, and all of your family in your time of loss. Even in this virtual world, your kind heart is evident. Know that you are loved. Bev

  32. Penny said,

    I am so, so sorry to read about your loss. Tear welled in my eyes as I read your tribute to your beautiful grandmother. She obviously was a woman of great faith and we all can benefit from her example of steadfast commitment. You and your family are in my prayers.

  33. Jan said,

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us as always Luciane, this time even more vulnerably. You honour your Grama with your love, and it’s clear to see where your beautiful values were reinforced. Sending healing and nurturing prayers of love, celebrating life today with extra awareness of our purpose here on earth, for whatever time we share. Please have faith she is with you, I promise you she truly is. Take good care of yourself in this tender time. Much love, Jan

  34. classic•casual•home said,

    What a wonderful woman you are because of her, Luciane. Sending my prayers.
    Mary Ann

  35. Mercedes said,

    A very beautiful story and what an incredibly lady was your grandma. Your present now is a gift for her and her fight in life and the motive for the future. Y como mi idioma es el castellano las ultimas palabras debo decirlas en la lengua en la que “siento”, lo lamento mucho y te acompaño en tu pesar. Tenes un hermosos hijos y el legado de tu abuela no habra sido en vano. Un beso grande desde Argentina.

  36. Jenn said,

    What a beautiful tribute. I am so sorry for your loss. May all her wonderful memories bring you some comfort. I’m sure she is very proud of the women you have become. Prayers to you and your family.

  37. Sylvie said,

    Always keep her in your thoughts and in your heart and she will be with you forever! She will still protect you and guide you every step in the way. One day, something unexpected and good will come your way and it will be her sending her love!

  38. MaryAnne said,

    The tears are flowing as I read this. Peace be with you and in your heart.

  39. Katherine said,

    I’m so sorry to hear your news. She sounded like an amazing woman, you were so lucky to have her in your life. Thinking of you xx

  40. Pamela said,

    I just returned from a trip and read this story about your childhood. What a testimony to God’s love your grandmother had! How blessed you were to have her. We actually were away taking possession of our mom’s second home. We lost her a few months ago and have already secured her primary residence that is near by. She had a heart like you grandmother’s and took in 2 of her nieces to raise along with her children after their mom had to go to work full time because her selfish husband just wanted to drink and carouse. We miss our mom so much and many days are gloomy. Being in her home the last two weeks reminds us that everything she did was for our happiness and a secure future. We are choosing to honor her commitment and sacrifice by being “happy” no matter how we feel sometimes…like she always was. I hope that in time you can build on the treasures she has instilled in you to the point where most of your feelings are good ones. May God comfort you and your grandfather during this time.

  41. Kathy said,

    Luciane, I am just now able to check on your blog as I have busy with my grandchildren watching them this summer….what an important role grandparents play..I never had any around growing up and I try and make up for that with my own, being the best I know how to be and this really showed me how I will strive to be like your grandmother. I am so sorry for your loss my friend. You are so special.

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