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If you’re having a busy day, I recommend you to come back later on tonight to see this place when you have some time. This is a long post, but every picture is worthy of your close attention. The interiors of this Dallas mansion are impeccable! You notice the attention to detail this house was built by seeing the careful selection of furnishings, decor and by the high quality materials chosen for this house.

The essence of this Dallas mansion cannot be properly described by words. It was crafted over a 3-year period by a virtual dream team of luxury building. Mark Molthan, from Platinum Series Homes by Mark Molthan, Robbie Fusch (architect) and Ashley Astleford (interior design) created a home that is inspiring in every direction you look.

Completed in 2011, this 3 acre gated Dallas mansion offers nearly 30,000 square feet of living space with 8 bedroom suites.  Other features include nanny & guest quarters, a 3,700 square foot garage, geo thermal cooling & heating, an indoor basketball court, and an underground media room.  There’s also an expansive luxury pool and pool house, and as far I’m concerned, most of the light fixtures in this house are by Currey & Co.

How much does it cost? $29,995,000. To dream? Free.

Dallas Mansion

This mansion in Dallas has timeless architectural details, inside and out.


Stunning floors, doors and paneled walls.

More Doors

I’m very impressed by these doors. Dramatic and very elegant.


Warm hues can be found as you enter the house.


Beautiful floors and arches.


Beautifully decorated. Notice the light fixtures.


Stunning doors opens to the formal living room. Light Fixture is the “Saxon Chandelier” by Currey & Co.


This foyer surprises me. I was expecting something darker, more masculine, but this is just perfect.


Stunning architecture and floors.


Welcoming. Chandelier by Currey & Co. (Currey and Company 9324 Mansion 60 Inch Two Tier Chandelier).


I love the fabric of this chair.


Incredible millwork. Very similar light fixture can be found here.

Dining Room

This dining room has so much character, yet is very subtle.


I can’t get enough of this rug. Incredible!


The dining room opens to the family room.

Family Room

 The family room is neutral, without being boring.

To the Other Side

This room is all about comfort. I love the two armoires by the fireplace.

The Room

Expansive and very comfortable.



Timeless designed. Sconces are “Hannah 2 Light Wall Sconce” by Currey & Co.


The designer don’t remember the exact dimensions of the island but he used two full slabs of marble and the overhang was 18″.


The European-inspired eating area and kitchen are designed in a perfect way. I love everything I see in this space.


I love the marble and the creamy white color of the cabinets.

Sitting Area

This space is beautifully decorated and I love the idea of having a picture of your children instead of a TV. Once again, the sconces are “Hannah 2 Light Wall Sconce” by Currey & Co.

Powder Room

Chic and glamorous. Notice the floors.


Powder Room

The vanity looks just like a piece of furniture. Gorgeous wall treatments.

Powder Room

Nature inspired.


Impressive two-story library.



Play & Read

This is the kid’s living space, where they can read, rest and play.

A Second Play Area

I really love these custom reading benches.

Purple Princess

Can you imagine being a child and having all this space for yourself? Wow!


One of the most beautiful kid’s bed I’ve seen. This is just dreamy. Perfect combination of fabrics.

Girl’s Bathroom

How cute is it? Adorable cabinet hardware.


Perfect size for a little girl.


What child would mind to share a bedroom like this, right?

Bunk Beds

These bunk beds were custom made and the chandelier is by Currey & Co (Rainforest Chandelier).

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I love the idea of having these spiders, but I know they’d give nightmares if I had them in my bedroom. 🙂


Paint your mirror with a bold color to add some drama in your bathroom.



Nice cabinetry.

Kids Bedroom

Coastal meets rustic.

High in the Sky

I love this little boy’s room!

Above & Beyond

This is just perfect. Beautiful ceilings.

Guest Bedroom

Fun and impracticable.


A comfortable window-seat is always a wonderful idea.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is beautiful designed and the ceilings add so much drama to the space.


I usually like lighter hues in bedrooms, but this suits perfectly this house.

Sitting Area

The sitting area feels more feminine.


Very elegant.


Her Bathroom

Great choice of material and design. I especially love the light fixtures.


Perfect in every single detail.

His Bathroom

Masculine and timeless.


This outdoor living room is located on the second level of the house.

Basketball Court

How cool is this?!


The court and the fully equipped gym.


This space is wonderful for entertaining.


Perfect to cool down on sunny days.




Bring some marshmallows and let’s have some fun!


Imagine listening to the water in a summer night. Peaceful.


This is probably very fun for the kids too!

Full View

It has 30,000 sq ft and it shows!


Living Well

The pool and the guest house.

What do you think? Would you pay almost $30 mil for this house? I can’t wait to know!

I think the attention to detail found in this house is beyond compare. I’ve seen so many houses and I know this house was carefully built and designed.

I’m playing the lotto this week, but if you already have the money and want to buy it, you can go here.

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I’m sending lots of positive energy/thoughts to all of you, wishing a very blessed, happy, stress-free kind of week. Last week was a bit too stressful for me and I’m starting this week feeling good and welcoming only great vibes! 🙂

Let’s focus on being positive during this week!

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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 Sources: Platinum Series Homes by Mark Moltha, Photos via: Houzz, Listing via Pricey Pads and Platinum Series Realty.

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Well.. I am speachless! The family portrait is wonderful. I love the bedrooms and the kitchen is gorgeous. I can’t imagine managing this property! Thanks for the tour!


Woooow. This is the first time I can truly say “There is a house out there worth more than 10 million that I would buy!” For years I have been convinced that no home past ten million dollars is actually worth the money because you can build a home to your specifications for cheaper and there exists plenty of homes for even 1 million dollars that are so well designed they put more expensive houses to shame. But this…this WAS beautiful. Every crevice of this house is perfect. And that’s surprising to me because 1) It’s Dallas. 2)It’s a mansion… Read more »

I really enjoyed the harmony found in this house.. and of course I imagined living there with all my family members 😉

I am in the DFW area and knew it was for sale but had not seen the pictures yet. I could not agree with you more! I have been around the design, building and sales of homes my whole life and I have never seen anything so consistently beautiful throughout. On top of that, this is my taste. If I had the millions that it would take, this house would be it. The colors, rugs, mill work, furniture, layout, eclectic choices of traditional and new!!! Oh, my! I absolutely love it! I will be happy to sing the praises of… Read more »
My question is why is this house for sale? Surely a house this enormous wasn’t built, decorated, and furnished on spec? Since it was finished in 2011, why would the owners only live in it for a little over a year? I have to admit that it’s beautifully done. Everything is perfection. Despite the excesses of size, it is very tastefully designed. But it brings to mind the robber barons of the 19th century. Who really needs 30,000 square feet? And what sort of vast wealth has someone accumulated to afford a $30 million home? The guest house looks about… Read more »

Wooow! Now that is one big house! Beautiful but way too big for me. It would take me hours to find my kids and my husband! (: And one of my kids is a sleepwalker, imagine that!

Hi girlie. I have not forgotten you, just been busy working on my next store. Yep, moving along here!

I plan to be a better blog friend soon.

How are you holding up? Any fun, new design projects?

oxox, Mon

Wow what house! It just keeps going and going–love the attention to detail and character that is found in each and every room. Ready for the entire “Ewing” clan!

Magnificent home! 30 million of my money-I don’t think so. I cringe at what the upkeep costs are on this home.

Everything is big in Texas and this house is big. The ceilings in many of the rooms are wonderful and the back patio is gorgeous!

This is one of my favorite posts of yours – EVER! While I will never have a house this large, nor would I actually want one, I have gleaned a lot of great ideas from many of the photo’s – thanks for this one!!

This is one of my favorite featured homes, and I would like to get the beautiful rug that is featured in the Dining Room. Who makes it and where can I buy it??? Thanks,


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