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It’s no secret I love Spain and adore its stunning landscaping, inspiring architecture, friendly people, and not to mention, the food. In fact, Spain is one the countries I plan on visiting as soon the kids are a little bigger. I want them to be big enough to understand and learn more about this beautiful place.

I fall even more in love with Spain when I see a charming home like this one and I know I should share this passion with you because there’s so much to learn from the way the Spanish people live. I always admire how open the houses in Spain usually are and they seem to always embrace the outdoors, inviting it to the indoors. Houses in Spain are also bright, sunny and full of color; colors that are usually brought out with pillows, throws and my favorite, fresh local flowers.

This is the kind of place that will remind you of the sunshine and of a happy day. I hope you can feel warm just by seeing this peaceful and welcoming house in Spain. Enjoy!



The open foyer makes the whole house feel welcoming. Dresser is from Artelore.

Living Room

I love how serene this room feels. Mirror and chaise are from Hanbel, ottoman is from Ikea and sofa is from  Mujika Aramendi.


I always decorate my house with pine cones at this time of the year. They’re very affordable (if not free!) and you can do so many different kind of arrangements with them.

That nice desk is from Artelore and the rug is from Naturtex.

Dining Room

What a lovely dining room! Wouldn’t you love to have dinner here? Cabinets and light fixture are from Hanbel.

Tea Cup

The console, placed behind the sofa, separates the dining room from the living room.


I’m loving the purple quilt against the sage bedding. Wallpaper is from BN Wallcoverings.


Modern and sleek! How great are these cow-hide baskets, right?! The architectural mirrors are from Artelore.


What a view! I love the contrast of the rustic beams with the delicate chandelier.


The chandelier is from Hanbel.


The homeowner has a small area between the patios where she plants some herbs.


This is the kind of place that make you wish you could retire today! Coffee table and rug are from Hanbel.

This house is not only beautiful, but it also feels very peaceful, which is essential for me in a house, and that’s something money alone can’t offer. Peacefulness has to come from the place the house is located, combined with the people who lives there. Every house has its own flow, its own energy and I’m not saying this in a spiritual way, but I think we can influence the way our home feels with the way we “treat” it. The peace in our home has a big connection with how we choose to live in the space and also with what we choose to live with.

Your home only feel it’s truly yours when you take the time to make it yours.

With Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: El Mueble via Nicety.

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