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Hello, everyone! How are you doing today? I’m happy it’s Thursday already and I’m beyond ready for the weekend! But before that, let me talk about these these inspiring interior design ideas…

Today’s Interior Design ideas is filled with inspiring interiors of many different styles, so I’m sure you’ll find something for you here. This week, I tried to find some interiors that most of us haven’t seen before and also, some classic ones. One thing I can assure about these interiors, they’re all beautiful in their own way.

Besides sharing these interiors with you, I also added some architecturally appointed homes and gardens. I hope you enjoy each and every picture!


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Interior Design Ideas

Norma House.


Designed by Kelley Proxmire.

Sunny Day

Design: Polhemus Savery DaSilva, Architects Builders: Brian Vanden, Brink Photography.


Via Interiors Magazine.

A Room With a View

Via Interiors Magazine.

Sexy Red Chair

Via Interiors Magazine.

Home Office

Via Interiors Magazine.

Calm & Quite


Via Interiors Magazine.

Natural Elements

Via Sotheby’s.


Unknown Source.

Hacienda Style

Via Sotheby’s.

Je t’aime Montreal

Designer Julie Charbonneau.


Anthony Catalfano and Woodmeister.

For the Family

Unknown Source.

Built-in Armoire

Via Sotheby’s.

Eating Area

Unknown Source.

Where to Eat

Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors.


Hazelgrove Photography.

Living Room

Via El Mueble.

Cozy Corner

Via El Mueble.

Little Luke

Unknown Source.

Baby Boy


Unknown Source.


Designed by Tom Stringer Design Partners.


Amagansett beach retreat. Linda Burkhardt.

Dream Closet

Via Sotheby’s.

Cozy Love

Via Georgiana Design.

Where I Want to Be

Unknown Source.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Via Dimore Studio.


Unknown Source.

Painted Clawtub

Via Sotheby’s.


Designed by Anne Grice Interiors.

Full of Character

Via Sotheby’s.


Via Sotheby’s.


Via Sotheby’s.

Bath & Shower

Via Sotheby’s.


Unknown Source.


Via House of Turquoise.

Blue Water

Suzanne M. Little

Forever Beautiful

Designed by Tom Stringer.


Via Lantliv.


Unknown Source.


Unknown Source.

Outdoor Living Room

Unknown Source.

Pool House

Unknown Source.


Via Sotheby’s.



Via Jane Hoffman.


Via The Malibu Life.

Front Porch

Designed by Kelley Interior Design.

The Hamptons

Via Sotheby’s.

The View

Via Sotheby’s.

Patio & Sunroom

Via Sotheby’s.

Sunroom’s Architecture

Via Sotheby’s.

Pool & Views

Via Sotheby’s.

Hold Your Horses, Cowboy!

Via Sotheby’s.


Via Sotheby’s.

Feel Welcomed

Designed by Hutker Architects.

Small Backyard with Pool

Via Sotheby’s.

Le Soleil

Unknown Source.

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I’m happy this week is almost over. I feel I didn’t sleep much at all and I can get a bit cranky without my sleep! 🙂 So, I’ll try to relax more during this week and go to bed earlier. I’m also excited because we’ll be watching a hockey game during the weekend and it’s always fun to get out with the kids. And talking about them, it’s really amazing to see how big and smart they’re getting! I feel so proud of them in every aspect and I thank God for the best present that He ever gave to me.

Let’s always be grateful for our blessings!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for being here today. 🙂

with Love,

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 Sources: Above, via House of TurquoiseGeogiana Design, Sothebys, Interior Access, The Malibu Life, Jane Hoffman, Interiors Magazine, El Mueble.

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  1. HI Luciane! Hope all is well, I just wanted to come by and say hello! As always your blog is brimming with beautiful ideas. Hope you get some well deserved sleep this weekend!

  2. Mercedes said,

    Incredibly and gorgeous post!! Thank you for share

  3. I’m liking the shack on the beach today. That’s what dreams are made of.

  4. Oi Lu, tudo bem? Poxa, não consigo mais passar por aqui. Vejo tudo pelo Google Reader, mas tenho trabalhado tanto, menina..tudo bem com você??


  5. Joanna said,

    Beautiful designs and I really enjoy your blog. Always takes me on a journey to some amazing places.

  6. gorgeous Luciane–I especially love the island retreats–its snowing here and wish I was somewhere warm and fabulous!

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