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Certain types of homes simply take your breath away and shingled cape cods are like that for me. Now, add a beach as a backyard and you know we have something special here.

Designed by Wendi Young Design, this home show us why so many dream about living by the ocean. Views, breeze and light, this beach house is the kind of place that makes you feel relaxed and at ease.

Coastal influences are subtle but defining. Elegance and timeless materials are used in various spaces, making this home feel balance from room to room.

Take a little break and let’s start this week feeling good!


Shingled Cape Cod Beach House

Front entries are so important to decorate. It shows that you care and love your home.

Adding planters on both sides of the door, makes this entry feel inviting and welcoming. The tall plants are Camellias.

Front door was custom made by a local craftsman and flooring is slate.

Coastal Entryway

The foyer is charming, uncomplicated and subtly coastal.

I love the idea of adding a lightweight rug and a round table.

Coastal Living Room Design

The decor is impeccable, but I would love this room even if it was empty… that view is what you really want!

A pair of Charles of London style sofa faces each other bringing comfort and plenty of space for family and friends.

Light fixture is by Circa Lighting.

White Kitchen

This is a beautiful kitchen with a very practical floorplan — perfect for narrower homes.

Pendants are “Acquatinta Pendant Light” designed by Michele de Lucchi.

Coastal-inspired Family Room

The symmetry and colors in this family room are very soothing.

The cabinet pulls are made by Gado Gado.

Furnishings are by “Baker Furniture”.

Powder Room

I love spaces that you don’t get tired to look at, and this powder room is just like that! Calm and oh, so pretty!

Sconces are “For Town by Michael S. Smith Wall Sconce”.

Laundry Room Design

This laundry room is practical, pretty and not too serious! Let’s have fun where nothing fun happens! 😉

I really like the yellow wallpaper, floors and the full height cabinets.

Sunny Coastal Bedroom

This bedroom is cheerful and very comfortable. I love the idea of having a built-in daybed in my bedroom. It would be a nice place to read or daydream.

The walls are covered in Madagascar wallcovering, available through Kneedler-Fauchere in Los Angeles.

Classic Bathroom

We’ve found a perfect bathroom! It’s like taking a bath in heaven! Look at that view! 🙂


Kids’ Bedroom

Isn’t this adorable? If you have enough space, always place a dresser between twin beds. It will offer more storage and it looks better than two nightstands.

Artwork is by “Swan Papel”.

California Love

Pure serenity…

Many thanks to the designer for sharing the details above.

Many thanks to the designer, Wendi Young Design, for sharing the details above.


You guys know how much I love coastal homes, right? I really enjoy preparing posts about spaces I am passionate about… can you feel that? 🙂

During this entire weekend I tried to be a little calmer and more focused. I was so tired and down last week and to be very honest, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and sad. My grandma has Alzheimer’s and although she’s doing okay, I know she’s not the same towards me anymore. She raised me, so it is being really hard for me. She stills remembers everyone and everything, but some days she seems to be colder, others she’s like how she used to be. It’s just confusing and painful sometimes.

So, I took this weekend to think and try to understand my heart. I was feeling very lonely and I couldn’t understand why. Now I know it’s because I haven’t had one of our talks for months now. My grandma always knew me so well, and she would see me and know if I was happy or if anything was wrong with me. She can’t notice that anymore and I miss that between us.

Being able to say this, or better, to think this is not easy, but sometimes we need to put our guards down and say what is in our heart. The moment we start wanting to understand what’s inside, is the moment we start to heal.

Everything changes in life. Nothing stays still and the only thing that will never change is everything she once did for me and my sister. I am always trying to remember how she treated me while raising my own children. I hope to be a good mom as she has always been to me.

When you see things changing, you realize that you must do more in life than simply let the days go by. You start understanding that time is limited and you have to wake up.

Perhaps, we shouldn’t waste our time with small problems or making them to be bigger than they really are. And this is an important one, don’t spend time with people that belittle you. Know how important you are. Life is short and this moment is too precious to be wasted.

Love and allow yourself to be loved. Share the best you have, share your gifts… and make sure to live this life showing how much you care about those that are always supporting you.

Pay attention on how you make the people you love feel, because that–my friends — that stays forever.

Have a blessed week and thank you for being here today.


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“Dear God,

If I am wrong, right me. If I am lost, guide me. If I start to give-up, keep me going.

Lead me in Light and Love”.

Have a wonderful day, my friends and we’ll talk again tomorrow.”

with Love,

Luciane from HomeBunch.com

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11 Comments to 'Shingled Cape Cod Beach House'

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  1. The Enchanted Home said,

    Luciane…sorry to hear you were down this weekend. Its so hard to see someone we love suffer in any way and like you, I have a very hard time with change myself. I am happy you took the time to listen to your heart and understand why you are feeling the way you are and did something about it, smart girl! Moving onto the house…
    Wow those views are to be believed!! Its a happy home and feels fresh and alive, and of course waking up to those views would be the ultimate!

  2. eli said,

    Dear Luciane you writing so true and wise. Tears came into my eyes. Your grandmother has accompained you. Her warmth is in you, it is all in your heart.
    All the best to you.
    I love the entry and the bedroom with yellow wallpaper and the kids room and….

  3. Katherine said,

    Beautiful words… have a wonderful week 🙂

  4. Tammie said,

    I have admired your blog from afar for some time now. However, your post today made me want to reach out. I am so sorry for the pain you are experiencing right now and for what this terrible disease is doing to your dear grandmother. You are fortunate to have her in your life and to have so many wonderful memories of your time with her. What a gift. I hope you are able to find something to bring a smile to your face and peace to your heart. Wishing you all the best.

  5. designchic said,

    My mom always tells me when you tell someone your problem it lessens your burden by half…hoping you feel better just by letting us know, and wishing you happier days ahead, sweet friend. The beach house is gorgeous – love the entry with that amazing coral and oh, my the bathroom…so pretty!

  6. franki said,

    Oh, dear, my mom is in the same situation as your grandmother and I’m in the same with you. Stacey at “South Shore Decorating” blog has been so helpful…she, too, is going through this. She said to write. I thoroughly enjoy your selections!! Hang in there…franki

  7. Gloria said,

    Wow, my dear buddy Luciane… I read all of the comments you have received here, before leaving a comment myself, and you got lots of love and understanding!! You are loved! 🙂 –And I’d check out that South Shore Decorating, if I were you, as Franki said above! 🙂 —
    Anyway, I’m sorry about your grandma… And you know why you are so upset? It’s because she is NOT as she used to be, NOT like when you were little! How DARE she??!!! I say that because this is the way that “I” felt when my mother got older… How DARE she not be the vibrant and in-control, “and knowing-all” woman who was my Mommy! So I truly sympathize. Just know my heart is with you…
    Gloria xxoo

  8. Angel at PTLandscape Inc. said,

    The view is so beautiful! Just imagine having that view from your bathroom. Every little thing including the decors and colors is just perfect.

  9. Petra said,

    Thanks for the beautiful photos Luciane. My dad died from Parkinsons 2 years ago now and towards the end he couldn’t communicate with us (he recognised us tho’) – it was sad because there was so much more I wanted to talk to him about. With regards your Grandma, make the most of the fact that you can share your feelings and fear with her, communicate with her, reassure each other of your love, and this will carry you through the times when she may not recognise you anymore – from experience this is so very important. Remember, it’s the disease making her forget not that she doesn’t love you.

  10. Jeanne said,

    Oh I SO understand the emotions you are going through. As you are aware, my mom has been suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease for the past 6 years. It has been like watching a video in the rewind mode, as she has “unlearned” abilities that in the span of her life she had learned. My heart still breaks as the disease progresses. But one thing that truly gives me comfort is that she isn’t aware that she is struggling with AD (she was aware early on). So as painful as it is for me to witness at least she is spared that pain, and it gives me comfort. And it is so wonderful of you to share this with others. I am amazed at how many other people are going through this with a family member and how sincerely supportive they are. And it is OK to feel sad sometimes because you are experiencing loss. But you know she loves you very much and wants you to be happy and live your life to it’s fullest. That is her heart’s desire for you. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post and house.

  11. Lynn said,

    Just loved, loved the photos. Thank you.

    The older I get, the more “opportunities” I have to re-examine my lifetime relationships and realize how much some people have given me. It is so sad to lose major loving relationships, but it also made me realize I could “be there” for younger people…life is just a cycle… Again, thank you for your blog……

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